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Portfolio: Copywriting and Editing

I don't concentrate on writing for particular sectors, audience groups or types of organisation. But I do specialise in writing results-driven, engaging, reader-focused copy.

There is something especially satisfying about seeing other commuters read your work on the Tube. I wrote information leaflets for TfL, ranging from long-lasting campaigns to service updates that needed to be turned around quickly - and always in the same consistent tone of voice and style.

Christmas fundraising is important for all charities, but especially Hospices. I interviewed staff and relatives to gather material for fundraising letters, leaflets promoting fundraising events, and case studies. The audience was mainly relatives of past and current patients, so the interviews and writing had to be handled sensitively.

The aim of this infographic was to encourage call-handlers to introduce the sensitive subject of ​legacy giving during calls with donors. It was displayed as a large, easy-to-read poster with prompts to talk people through the process.

This variation on a double gatefold brochure was part of a brand relaunch campaign to define the brand identity for customers, suppliers and staff. The copy concept builds on the letters in the company name, attaching a key marketing message to each, to build on the strapline 'We Are Certeco'. 

The challenge when writing about complementary healthcare in the UK is telling people the health benefits without using words words like 'health' or naming most medical conditions. The ASA's CAP guidelines are pretty strict about that. But there's nothing like censorship to inspire a writer to find creative ways to get the message across.

Writing aspirational lifestyle copy for these brochures selling luxury villas in Barbados presented a rare writing treat - being free to sprinkle the text with a liberal measure of adjectives and a generous pinch of adverbs. Lush!

Clients of this city law firm range from individuals to corporations. I developed the tone-of-voice for the firm with variations for each specialist team, wrote copy and managed a copywriting team to ensure consistency of tone, style and messaging for 13 brochures and web copy. Short-listed for a Law Society Marketing Award.

My task with this project was to translate the complex business benefits of the technology into marketing messages that would resonate with an audience of both IT managers (who would expect and understand a high level of technological language) and business managers (who would not).

These case-studies were produced as part of a major rebranding campaign. I created the style template and wrote the first phase of case studies, to be continued by the consultancy's in-house writer.

The brief was to write in the voice of a man dying from Motor Neuron Disease. I couldn't speak to him, but captured his voice by reading his blog and watching filmed interviews. I wrote in different tones for three distinct audiences: existing donors, higher value donors, and new donors. The campaign beat its revenue target by 30%.

On this project I worked in-house with a designer to develop a range of creative concepts including copy treatments and straplines for the outers (envelopes), letters, lifts (case studies and supporting documents) and pre-emails with variations for different donor groups.

BHBCP brought local businesses and charities together - groups with very different styles and objectives. I developed a tone-of-voice and common messages that would resonate with both groups; for a multi-portal website, this annual report and other publications.


This fundraising letter was written swiftly to raise funds for urgent medical supplies. It needed to reach donors while the crisis was still making headlines. The tone was intentionally direct and hard-hitting to encourage an immediate response.

Brand Definition

Agency: Brand Adventure

Client: Certeco

Audiences: Business-to-Business, Internal

Roles: Strategy, Copywriting

Client: British Acupuncture Council

Audiences: Consumer, Medical

Roles: Strategy, Copywriting

Health Awareness

Lifestyle - Property

Agency:  OTM Create

Client: Altman Estates

Audience: Business-to-consumer  

Role: Copywriting

Professional Services - Legal

Client: Wedlake Bell

Audience: Business, Professional, Corporate, Consumer, International

Roles: Strategy, Copywriting


Agency: VGroup

Client: NetDev

Audience: Business-to-consumer  

Role: Copywriting

Public Information - Travel

Agency: OTM Create

Client: Transport for London

Audience: Consumer

Role: Copywriting

Business Consultancy - Technology

Agency: Brand Adventure

Client: Certeco

Audiences: Business-to-Business, Internal

Roles: Strategy, Copywriting


Case Studies

Direct Mail


Charity Fundraising - Health

Charity Fundraising - Animal Welfare

Charity Fundraising - Hospice

Charity Fundraising - Emergency Aid

Annual Report - Social Enterprise

Fundraising Mindmap

Agency: On Agency

Client: MNDA

Agency: Pebble Beach

Client: Various Hospices

Agency: On Agency

Client: MAP

Client: Brighton & Hove Business Community Partnership

Audiences: Business, 3rd Sector, Local Govt

Agency: On Agency

Client: Save the Children

Agency: On Agency

Client: Four Paws

Audiences: Existing donors, New donors

Role: Copywriting

Audience: Existing donors

Roles: Strategy, Copywriting

Audiences: Existing donors

Role: Copywriting

Audiences: New and Exising Donors

Role: Copywriting

Roles: Strategy, Copywriting, Editing

Audience: Internal

Role: Copywriting


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