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... the three simple rules of good writing that apply to everything from an email to a white paper.


  1. Attract and hold your readers’ attention.

  2. Tell them what you want them to know in a way they’ll remember.

  3. Leave them thinking, or wanting to do, what you want them to think or do.

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I do ...

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But simple doesn’t mean easy.

Writing that consistently delivers the results your business needs takes skill and experience.

Hire me to improve the performance of your written communications and I will ...

  1. Work with you to clarify who you’re talking to, what you need them to know and do, the messages that are right for them, and how you're going to reach them.

  2. Match my writing style to the channels you’ll use – email, website, blog, social media, letter, brochure, case study, report, newsletter, presentation, speech, video. 

  3. Write powerful content that people will want to read because it’s waffle-free, uses language that speaks directly to them, gets to the point and persuades them to think or do what you want them to.

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