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Here is a cluster of some of the website projects I've worked on. They all involved consulting with the clients to define the correct tone-of-voice, messages, keywords and key phrases and calls to action. I also worked closely with the design teams to ensure the content matched the site architecture and design.

Portfolio: Content Writing and Editing

Copywriting for digital media has adapted to match the evolution of SEO and social media, and the ways different devices affect how people read and respond to it. But at its core the basics remain the same - speak directly to your reader using messages that matter to them.

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) uses microsites to match key phrases used when people search for help with particular medical conditions, and to help explain the difference between different kinds of acupuncture. These stand-alone sites are intentionally social in style and tone and aren't branded as BAcC, but they do link back to the 'find an acupuncturist' section of the main site.

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) issues regular emails and e-newsletters to its members that are specific to their work in the different phases of education. The aim is to drive traffic to the main website hub. This is a small selection of the content that I have edited and written for NAHT.


The BAcC also uses blogs and social media to drive traffic to the microsites and support its condition-specific communications plan, which is structured around publicity events generated by health charities. These blogs and extended Facebook posts have been thoroughly researched and referenced to explain why traditional acupuncture is a reliable option for a range of health problems.



Blogs and Social Media

Emails and E-newsletters

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