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Portfolio: Scripts, Speeches and Presentations

I have a particular talent for capturing voices and telling stories. And I've got practical experience of the whole production process from initial creative concept, research and storyboarding, to scripting, post-production and distribution. As well as these samples I've also written podcasts and screenplays for short films, feature films, documentaries and TV drama series. 

This film showcases the principles that underpin the Certeco brand. The script builds on the letters in the company name, attaching a key marketing message to each to build the strapline 'We Are Certeco'. I worked with the creative team at every stage of pre and post production to develop the creative concept, shooting script and dialogue script.



Corporate Video

Client: Certeco                                        

Agency: Brand Adventure

Audience: Business-to-Business, Internal

Length: 1 minute 

Information Film

The social costs of money laundering are tackled head-on in this film for The Treasury and the Financial Services Authority (FSA). I developed the creative concept and worked with the Serious Fraud Office, National Crime Agency, FSA, Treasury and charities that help trafficked people. It was distributed as an interactive DVD to 'gatekeepers' - financial services advisers, banks, building societies, estate agents, letting agents - to explain why it is so important to report suspicious activity.

Clients: FSA and Treasury        

Production: FCO Film & TV Unit 

Audience: Professional, Financial Services, Law Enforcement

Length: 17 minutes 

Training Films

Consul Officers help British citizens deal with crises when overseas. I worked closely with the FCO Consulate training team, HR consultants, psychologists and FCO Desk Officers to research and write a series of training films.


We chose a dramatised format to encourage empathy and compassion by showing how emotionally charged these situations can be for everyone involved.


These two films demonstrate the right and the wrong way to work with bereaved relatives of people who have died overseas.


Other films in the series include: Sexual Assault, Mental Health, Violent Crime, Lost Passport, Prison Visits and Child Abduction. 

Client: FCO Consulate Training    

Production: FCO Film & TV Unit

Audience: Internal, Civil Service

Length: Film 1 - 11 minutes, Film 2 - 8 minutes

Product Video

Research for this script involved a trip to the beautiful Fens to British Sugar's Topsoil processing facility and the sugar beet fields where the soil originates. This film was used as a sales aid with supporting case studies (which I also wrote) for meetings, the website and exhibitions.

Client: British Sugar                                   

Agency: TinFish

Audience: Business-to-Business

Length: 8 minutes

Public Information Film

This is an example of the power of story-telling to deliver business messages. In this case, the target audiences were international businesses, foreign students and tourists. It was broadcast on-line to promote i-UK.com as a source of information for everything needed to study or do business in the UK.

Client: iUK                                

Production: FCO Film & TV Unit

Audience: Public, Consumer, Business, International

Length: 4 minutes

This presentation was produced for an internal audience. Before writing the shooting script I drafted a selection of dialogue treatments for the client to decide the right tone of voice. I researched the history of surface transport at the London Transport Museum to select the images to be used in the finished presentation.

Conference Film

Client: Transport for London              

Agency: OTM Create

Audience: Internal                                  

Length: 11 minutes


Digital Sales Presentation

In keeping with the style of the other Certeco expamples in this portfolio, this customer presentation builds on the letters in the company name to explain the business benefits of the Certeco Assure process. It was designed to be presented on laptops at client meetings.

Client: Certeco                         

Agency: Brand Adventure

Audience: Business-to-Business

Speeches by their nature are short-lived and ephemeral. But fortunately, a copy of this keynote speech was distributed to delegates after the conference. As well as the speech reproduced here, I wrote scripts for other presenters at the event including the the celebrity broadcaster, John Humphreys.

Keynote Speech

Client: London Business Forum         

Agency: The Event Organisation Company

Audience: Business-to-Business, Public Sector

Speech Writing

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