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Nobody knows your business better than the people who work in it. They’re great at what they do, but they might not be so great at putting it into words.

Business writing is an important skill, there's so much pressure to write brilliant blogs, persuasive presentations, exceptional emails. But not everyone finds it easy.


The cost of poor writing - to your business, your teams and their careers - can be crippling.


When your business relies on great writing, but you can't hire a professional copywriter to write everything for you, then consider writing training for your staff.

My writing workshops can help your team become better writers, and to enjoy writing too.  


I do ...

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I'll work with you to develop writing training that matches what your business needs.

Training topics include:

  • Tone-of-voice and house style

  • Define your business messages

  • Language that connects with your customers

  • Improve your business writing

  • Individual writing coaching

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